RiteStar 700Product code: NSRITESTAR700

RiteStar 700 CRI Rech. Work Light
Due to the 95CRI rendition this range is the nearest you can get to natural daylight as CRI is a measure of a light sources ability to show objects and finishes “realistically or naturally compared to daylight”.
This means that it will identify any blemishes, scratches or imperfections in any paint finish making these products ideal for both the Automotive industry where they are invaluable tools in the Bodyshop, Spray Booth, Polishing, Photography and Detailing departments as well as for Traffic Accident Investigators where they can be used to pick out blood, clothing fibres, different paint colours and scratches unable to be seen with the naked eye

Key features:
• Perfect colour matching rechargeable work light
• Natural daylight colour – 95 CRI
• 2 Light modes: High 700lm , Half 300lm
• Carry handle
• Toughened optical lens
• Battery charging and status indicator
• Strong magnetic base
• Robust housing
• 1m impact resistant
• 3.7V, 2200mAh Li-ion battery
• 4 hours charge time
• Adjustable stand
• Optional tripod mount


• 300 | 700 Lumens
• 4 Max Hours
• (L)170x(W)157x(D)55mm
• 200g
• IP65 IP Rating

• AC And DC Charger