Solaris Duo Li-on 36A/hProduct code: NSSOLARIS216K-LI-ION-36A

The most powerful battery powered floodlight in the world.
The SOLARIS DUO offers a real alternative to generator powered lights, offering a very high light output up to 32,000 lumens.
It is lightweight and all parts are housed in an unbreakable plastic case. It has wheels and pull-up handle for easy transportation. The DUO has telescopic poles reaching to 1.9 metres and is stable due to the retractable stability legs.

• 25 year guarantee on the case
• Sturdy stackable case
• Wheels and integrated pull up handle
• Comfortable rubber coated anti-slip handle

• All parts are housed inside the IP67 rated case
• Vacuum moulded fitting for safe storage of parts
• High visibility locking latches for easy setup
• Battery status indicator
• Retractable high visibility stability feet
• Carbon fibre telescopic poles
• 14.8v 36A/h Li-on
• 10hrs
• 19.2kg
• (L)250 (D)450 (H)540 mm
• Designed to meet IP65
• Lumen vs Runtime

1 Head Output
16000 4h
8000 8h
4000 16h
4000 32h
2000 32h

2 Head Output
32000 2h
16000 4h
8000 8h
4000 16h
4000 16h

Increased running times
• Maintenance free, lightweight li-ion battery pack
• Durable, sturdy, stackable case IP55
• Battery status indicator on the case

Solaris 6K head
Optional lens for distance
The SOLARIS head is available with a wide range of lenses from 10-30 degrees. Our research has resulted in using 30° optics as standard, due to the balance of flood and distance they achieve.
However, we are able to supply the units with a variety of optics to suit the varied application. Spot lens (10 degree) are recommended to illuminate areas and structures at long distances approximately 80-100m for maximum coverage.

• Diffused Filter
• Heavy Duty Case
• 2 Solaris 16k Head Units
• AC Mains Charger 16A
• Carbon Fibre Poles

• Powerpack
• Solaris Head 16K
• Carbon Fibre Pole 4 Section
• Magnetic Base For Solaris
• Solaris Double Headed Bracket For 3.5 Metre Tripod
• Li-Ion 16 AMP Mains Charger
• Vehicle Charger Li-Ion 12V Or 24V Input 16.8V
• Additional 36A/H Li-Ion Power Pack For Additional Running Time (+75%)
• Additional 72A/H Li-Ion Power Pack For Additional Running Time (+145%)
• Li-Ion 24 AMP Mains Charger